Beijing world conference



At the Beijing World (“anti-Islam & anti-religion”) Conference, “experts” talked about the need to liberate Muslim women from Islam, and in general all women from religion. It was easy to see that there were open attacks against Islam and religion in general. There were also open talks about rights for prostitutes, lesbians and homosexuals. The Conference also discussed about the rights of children over their sexual lives.

Betty Freidan, an American feminist leader and author, talked about the dangers Islamic conservatism poses to women. In a panel session entitled “Muslim Women in North America”, led by a Muslim delegate chosen by the Clinton administration to represent the US as a liaison between the US and the Muslim and Arab worlds, a panel member vehemently attacked the Imams of North American mosques for fanaticism against Muslim women in the “land of freedom”.� In another session that was chaired by a feminist Hindu, she described how the Vatican had come together with Islam for the purpose of denying women’s rights. Another speaker in this session, who was a liberal Catholic, encouraged women to become more “open” and to acquire power. She also said that “the biggest mistake in the universe” is to envision an “omnipotent or perfect God.” Dr Riffat Hassan, a professor in Islamic studies from the University of Louisville, explained how she had been engaged in the last 20 years in developing a “feminist theology in the context of Islam”.

It was also clear from the Conference that the powers who were running the UN have an agenda to impose their own “Shariah” on the entire world. Just by attending the Conference at government level, the Muslim countries accepted the principle that they could negotiate about this imposed Shariah. Muslim delegates did not realise that they were actually “dignifying” a gathering that could not be dignified.� The Conference failed to encourage the individuals need in altering their life styles in order to combat sexually transmitted diseases; did not encourage family life and morality; for women (and men) to abstain from early sex; etc.� The UN also encourages that for women to work in a factory or an office is a right; to stay at home is an oppression.� A woman should not be dependent of her husband; she should be dependent on her boss.

Muslims throughout the world, including all South African Muslims, must condemn and reject this Conference. What about the women in Kashmir who jumped into the Jhelum River in Kashmir to protect their honour from the Indian forces? Why did the World Conference on Women not speak about that! What about the 70, 000 Muslim women raped, abused and beaten in Bosnia ? What about the millions in Iraq , Kashmir and Bosnia who are without food and medicine? The “women’s right” which the Conference speaks about is far from the women’s rights which Islam grants.� This is nothing but an attempt by the UN and the world in condemning Islam, Islamic values and creating a world and society completely devoid of all sensibility and shame.

(Facts extracted by NooreMadinah Network, from “Impact International” – Vol.25 No.10)